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Congratulations to Lauren on her successful masters defense on the persistent effects of glyphosate exposure in mangrove rivulus! 

The lab moved to Ohio State University in Fall 2023!


Our new paper demonstrates that F0 experience with predation risk alters paternal care behavior in unexposed F1 sons and F2 grandsons.


Will, Lauren, and Michaela presented their research at UD's Stander Symposium! 

Our recent paper is out showing that paternal exposure to predation risk has similar effects on offspring regardless of whether the effects are mediated via sperm alone, or a combination of sperm and paternal care! See a write-up on the research here

In July, we went to Navarro River to observe some parenting male sticklebacks!  The very hot and dry year unfortunately means that sticklebacks are experiencing some severe human-induced environmental change. 

Our new paper, led by a number of undergraduate researchers, shows that offspring phenotypes vary depending on whether fathers are exposed to predators versus non-ecologically relevant stressors


Raiza Singh

Jack Deno


Eunice Chen

Christian Zielinski


See the press release on our pair of sister papers released in Journal of Animal Ecology showing that paternal experiences are distinct from maternal effects and persist for multiple generations in a lineage and sex-specific way

Congratulations to Cassie Afseth for being awarded Highest Distinction on her project "Can indirect cues of predation be transmitted across generations?"!

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 6.15.39 PM.png

Our recent TREE paper, co-authored with Sarah Donelan, shows the unique role of transgenerational plasticity in generating both adaptive and maladaptive responses to human-induced environmental change

I organized a symposium on phenotypic plasticity and Christian presented a poster on his independent project at Behaviour 2019!


Congratulations to Eunice for being awarded high distinction for her honors project on different types of paternal cues!

I recently finished my third field season examining cooperative dynamics and paternal care in wild ocellated wrasses. See here for our recent paper demonstrating the importance of outside options for dominant and satellite male partnerships!

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 9.09.29 PM.png

Check out our recent review on multigenerational patterns of transgenerational plasticity! 

Check out my data nugget on N. pulcher! See here for information on data nuggets and their use in the classroom.

Congrats to Marion on her paper showing that stickleback males independently use olfactory and visual cues during courtship to assess a female's history with predation risk!

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